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Middle Tennessee has had a busy few years in real estate! With increasing markets, changing interest rates, new construction, remodeling, and an influx of new residents, the need for appraisals has been greater than ever. That is where the staff at AMS Appraisal Group comes in. With our trusted expertise, support staff to guide you through the process, and combined 50 years of experience, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back! We look forward to hearing from you, getting to know you, and helping you with all of your appraisal needs. So please feel free to pick up the phone or send us an email with any questions.

What We Do at AMS Appraisal Group


We offer a wide range of appraisal services from desktop reviews to full interior appraisals. We appraise many different kinds of properties for both FHA and conventional loan types, including single family residences, condominiums, vacant land, townhomes, duplex/triplex/quadplex units, and horizontal property regimes. One of our Certified Appraisers will inspect the property and analyze the market to make sure we deliver to you the most accurate opinion of market value. We help our clients know how much their property is worth so they can:

  • List it for sale.
  • Settle an estate after losing a loved one.
  • Remove PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) from a current mortgage payment.
  • Question tax assessments and potentially lower property taxes.
  • Settle a divorce.


Our home measuring service sketches are performed by our Certified Real Estate Appraisers. We complete our sketches using ANSI standards to determine an accurate GLA (Gross Living Area) and GBA (Gross Building Area). You will receive your professional sketch in PDF format with exterior and interior room dimensions.

Let us help you start the process by submitting an appraisal request.

Why Choose Us

Years Of Experience

You need confidence and peace of mind. We’ve done thousands of appraisals in Middle Tennessee and have several years of combined experience.

Trusted Expertise

You need an appraiser you can count on. We’re trusted by lending institutions who call on us for quality, expert appraisals they can depend on.

Local Market Familiarity

You need someone who’s familiar with the local market and current trends. We are a leading provider of residential real estate appraisals in the Nashville Davidson County area. We know this area’s real estate like the back of our hands.

Expert Analysis

You need accuracy. We offer thorough inspection and analysis supported by multiple data resources. We take the time to analyze a property's details and thoroughly research comparable properties.

Who We Are

In addition to our appraisers on staff, we have a team of office support staff to ensure that we provide the best in customer service and the most reliable end products. Our appraisers have developed their own specialized areas and niche markets, which lets us guarantee to you expert knowledge of your market area. If you are in Middle Tennessee, then we have you covered!

Nick McWhorter AMS Appraisal Group

Meet Nick

Nick is a Bowling Green, Kentucky, native and graduate of Western Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He’s been a certified residential appraiser since 2005. Nick also holds an Appraisal Institute SRA designation that requires more extensive education and experience and is held by fewer than 1% of all appraisers. Nick and his wife Jayme have been married since 2007 and have a daughter, Meredith Jaymes. As a family, they enjoy traveling and making wonderful life-long memories with family and friends and are active members of their local church.


Meet Janet

Janet is a native Nashvillian and has been with AMS Appraisal Group for 5 years where she is currently the operations manager and an appraiser trainee. She is a graduate of Lipscomb University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management. Janet and her husband, Josh, have been married for 16 years and have two children, Anna and Ben. She enjoys spending time with her family and currently resides in Bellevue.


Meet Sammy

Sammy was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He attended the University of Tennessee, and is currently a registered Appraiser Trainee. Sammy married his high school sweetheart Breanna in 2022. In his downtime, Sammy enjoys playing basketball and traveling.

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How do I get ready for the appraisal?

The first step in most appraisals is the on-site visit. During this process, the appraiser will come to your home and measure it, determine the layout of the rooms inside, confirm all aspects of the home’s general condition, and take several photos of your house for inclusion in the report. The best thing you can do to help is make sure the appraiser has easy access to the exterior of the house. Trim any bushes and move any items that would make it difficult to measure the structure. On the inside, make sure that the appraiser can easily access items like furnaces and water heaters.

Who actually owns the appraisal report?

In most real estate transactions, the appraisal is ordered by the lender. The home buyer is entitled to a copy of the report – it’s usually included with all the other closing documents – but is not entitled to use the report for any other purpose without permission from the lender. The exception to this rule is when a home owner engages an appraiser directly. In these cases, the appraiser may stipulate how the appraisal can be used; for PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) removal, or estate planning or tax challenges, for example. If not stipulated otherwise, the home owner can use the appraisal for any purpose.